I just got back from a really nice dinner at a French restaurant in my neighbourhood with my parents who are visiting my city for the next few days. It makes me feel like it is the weekend already, to go out and eat nice food and drink nice wine, hehe. On a Wednesday (I am certainly not complaining!). Wait, what day is it? Is it Tuesday? Is is it Friday? Hehe.

The food itself was exquisite. I had a Barramundi fillet with this amazing cannelini bean kind of cassoulet with beautiful tomato sauce (and a green salad). It was stunning!

There is something so nice about holding off on alcohol – just drinking soda water before going out, because then I observe how the table gets warmer and more fluid as the meal goes on, and as more wine is consumed. It is delightful!

Such a nice memory. Those anchovies! Exquisite đŸ™‚