Do you like Gang of Youths? I was lucky enough to find them when I was living on the coast. Triple J would play Magnolia, and it was just the right combination of grit and excitement and bittersweet. I remember waking up at dawn one August morning in 2015, when I was to drive to Melbourne for a month’s working holiday to find a house. Magnolia was the song in my head that morning. Beautiful dawn sounds.

It would be easy to regret leaving my perfect house for a life in Melbourne, perhaps. When I see photos like this one of the dawn air, it tugs at the strings of my heart. Except for the fact that my photo library is so much more diverse now. I have photos of light art and photos of street art, and photos of happenings. Back then, the subject matter was so much more limited.

I don’t wake up to that blissful air, that is full of promise and life, but I do remember waking up to the dawn. Now, I have friends and I am building my life. It is a different world.