My thoughts on the new Dita Von Teese Remix EP, so far is that it is very sexy . I am sure that was the desired effect! And they have done it beautifully 🙂

The original album was called Dita Von Teese, and was produced by Sebastien Tellier. Although I really respect a lot of Sebastien’s work, I could not get ‘into’ this particular album.

However, the remix album (or EP), is really interesting in my opinion. Most of the artists I have never heard of, but include: Bullion, Adesse Versions and Varnish La Piscine (hehe), presumably mostly French electronic artists. Excitingly, for me personally is a remix by AAArmstrong. This much anticipated collaboration between Dita Von Teese, Sebastien Tellier and AAArmstrong is a remix of the song ‘Dangerous Guy.’

Something about the beginning of this song, Dangerous Guy reminds me of an earlier collaboration of AAArmstrong in a previous iteration of his band Monarchy. The song was called Your Love, and it has stood the test of time, because I have actually heard a version of that song played in a popular cafe in North Melbourne on a Friday night art opening.

On this song, I like the way the backing vocals with that So Frenchy So Chic accent make the song so fun and light. Dita’s sultry voice is a perfect kind of lower tone that matches well with both of these other elements!

AAArmstrong seems to have a penchance for upbeat, higher energy songs, and this really is a lovely way to finish an album, that builds to a climax perhaps (hehe).

It just leaves me feeling quite upbeat and refreshed. Well done all!