It is a public holiday in Melbourne tomorrow. We have a whole day off a year for the fact that they are playing the Grand Final in AFL this weekend, hehe. The extent of my knowledge of this year’s Grand Final is the fact that Maximilien’s team – Geelong Cats, lost last week to the Adelaide Crows. I messaged him to say I was sorry to hear, hehe. He was fine. He went to see the Richmond Tigers play and win, with his friends. 😀

So, the battle is between Richmond Tigers and Adelaide Crows. Of course I want Richmond to win 🙂 They haven’t been in a Grand Final since 1982, apparently!

My lecturer mentioned in one of his emails that whoever is an Adelaide Crows fan to let them know NOW, so they can mark down the assignments, hehe. I am not going to have a day off tomorrow, because I have an assignment due.

And I am not going to have a day off on Monday when NSW and ACT have a public holiday, because I have to go to school, hehe.

It is still nice to be drinking wine on a Public Holiday eve, in Melbourne 🙂 Fun!