Last night was the perfect evening in many ways. Just great company, great food, and amazing music. I was so lucky to see Cool Out Sun at the Reverence Hotel last night. I was following my friends into the band room, I could see them just in front of me, and the door bitch said that there were only three tickets left. ‘Let’s get one of these arm bands on you!’ she said, and I got in, by the skin of my teeth. It was a free concert, but they probably could have sold it out on their own, the room was packed.

As soon as I got inside and let the sounds of Cool Out Sun wash over me, I knew that it was going to be a blissful evening of live music. They play such rich, happy, fun music. And N’fa, the lead singer is such a brilliant performer, a natural lyricist and so engaging.

Here is a taste of their music: Enjoy!