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Fitzroy calling – shopping and tea

By | May 5th, 2018|architecture, art, daily life, weather|

It is amazing how therapeutic it can be to walk through the streets on a grey Saturday morning. The street art and the happenings and interesting architecture is exactly what my scratchy soul needs this Saturday morning. I still have to do my assignment and it is too early for lunch, but the world is [...]

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Friday night work drinks – heaven is warm and bubbly

By | April 21st, 2018|bars and restaurants, professional, weather|

We were blessed with a warm and balmy Friday and I knew that I was going to have a nice evening of drinks with work people, when they started talking about their penchant for buying cases of wine from nearby wineries. I feel like I am definitely in a good place in the world, with [...]

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Rainy day radio tunes – PBS

By | April 14th, 2018|radio, weather|

It is such a cold and rainy day in Melbourne today! Wind, cold, pouring rain. I guess winter was bound to come along eventually. :-) We had such a lovely summer. It makes me want to get cosy, with sockettes and tea and listen to my neighbourhood radio station. PBS radio is broadcast from studios [...]

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Robbie Burns – Tapas bar

By | March 25th, 2018|bars and restaurants, friends, weather|

Ambience is everything for a sunny Sunday afternoon tipple. Inside with Bob Dylan playing on the stereo and people discussing the finer points of the Spanish language or outside in the breeze under the umbrellas? I love the Robbie Burns. They have the most delicious tapas. It is such a nice place to get warm [...]

Late summer evenings in the neighbourhood

By | March 23rd, 2018|architecture, bars and restaurants, daily life, weather|

The streets were buzzing tonight on my walk home. Huge queues outside of both gelato shops and even Alimentari was open tonight. So lovely. All the way down the street, people were out at bars enjoying the last vestiges of summer.

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Bridge2Harmony – Fitzroy Festival

By | March 23rd, 2018|art, music, parks and gardens, weather|

Heaven! I am 3/4 the way through a bottle of the most lovely sparkling wine and the music is pouring through these solar and wind powered speakers. It is a festival for Harmony Day in Fitzroy and it is a superb end to the summer. The last band is the Tek Tek Ensemble and from [...]

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Gorgeous atmosphere – Moomba Festival

By | March 10th, 2018|music, parks and gardens, weather|

This is my favourite kind of evening. A picnic in the gardens surrounded by the most amazing music - The Twoks! Fun! Plus Ferris Wheels with pretty lights and lovely food and company. It is a very relaxed and festive atmosphere. So happy to be celebrating a long weekend when the weather is so fine.

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Beautiful evening and lots of steps

By | January 5th, 2018|architecture, art, bars and restaurants, design, friends, holidays, parks and gardens, weather|

Oh Sydney, how I love you. You are so vibrant and lush and amazing. Breeze, boats and beaches. I know that I am in Sydney because I have walked 19,934 steps today. Hehe. I always walk more in the city, but I am pretty sure that is a record in one day! There are so [...]

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Circular Quay breeze – Sydney 2018

By | January 5th, 2018|art, bars and restaurants, holidays, parks and gardens, weather|

I just want to cry and cry. Premenstrual in my 40s on holidays. No fun. Sydney is a beautiful place. The breeze, the boats, the beach. It seems lusher and greener than Melbourne . Sweet frangipani scent. Nice to visit :-)

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