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Fitzroy calling – shopping and tea

By | May 5th, 2018|architecture, art, daily life, weather|

It is amazing how therapeutic it can be to walk through the streets on a grey Saturday morning. The street art and the happenings and interesting architecture is exactly what my scratchy soul needs this Saturday morning. I still have to do my assignment and it is too early for lunch, but the world is [...]

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Saturday afternoon at the Museum

By | April 28th, 2018|architecture, art, cinema, daily life, design, friends, photography, technology|

It is really nice to have a Saturday night at home for a change, and just cook and drink wine and listen to nice music. I am making a mini herbed roast lamb, and it is fun. I went to the Melbourne Museum this afternoon. It is definitely worth doing. They have some amazing exhibits. [...]

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Triennial – NGV – 100 artists – 32 countries

By | April 16th, 2018|architecture, art|

It was nice to go to the Triennial at the NGV yesterday. I was lucky to catch it before it closed. And I didn't see ALL of it, because it was a pretty huge exhibition, and I had shit to do, but it was still a really nice cultural experience. I loved it. The NGV [...]

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‘Sketch me like one of your French girls’ – David Massingham – MICF

By | April 8th, 2018|art, comedy, theatre|

Even the title is provocative. A quick search of the internet reveals that there are whole discussions regarding to the deeper meaning of this quote from the Titanic movie. He was hilarious. From Zeke the recovering alcoholic at an AA meeting, who repeatedly blows his quit to the tune of 'Pina Colada', to the spam [...]

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Bashka – World music Saturday

By | March 24th, 2018|art, comedy, literature, music, theatre|

It is always fun to come home after a festival and look up the music of the bands I saw. Bashka is a Turkish band, and their music feels so rich on this cosy, rainy Saturday morning. World music on the weekend. It transports me to places I have never seen but only heard about [...]

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Bridge2Harmony – Fitzroy Festival

By | March 23rd, 2018|art, music, parks and gardens, weather|

Heaven! I am 3/4 the way through a bottle of the most lovely sparkling wine and the music is pouring through these solar and wind powered speakers. It is a festival for Harmony Day in Fitzroy and it is a superb end to the summer. The last band is the Tek Tek Ensemble and from [...]

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Enter the dragon – White Night Melbourne

By | February 18th, 2018|art, design, light art, technology|

I am at the Melbourne Museum and I got my cup of tea. It is very refreshing. White Night tuckers me out every time! It is something about the lights, the crowds, the walking. I am supposed to be meeting some friends, but I think I am done. And what a finale! I am sitting [...]

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Beautiful evening and lots of steps

By | January 5th, 2018|architecture, art, bars and restaurants, design, friends, holidays, parks and gardens, weather|

Oh Sydney, how I love you. You are so vibrant and lush and amazing. Breeze, boats and beaches. I know that I am in Sydney because I have walked 19,934 steps today. Hehe. I always walk more in the city, but I am pretty sure that is a record in one day! There are so [...]

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