Please find here some art I made last night that was inspired by my thoughts and feelings then.

It is always nice, and rather therapeutic to make art. I like to explore what is inside of me, underneath the layer of verbal (or literary) symbols and meanings. Tonight I realise that underneath that top layer that I present to the world and indeed to myself, is a significant amount of ‘chaos’ at the moment. When I did a doodle drawing today it hammered home the idea that I need mindfulness practice, desperately. So, I overcame that inertia of ‘couldn’t be bothered’ and did some mindfulness. It was good, but I need more.

I also realised tonight, just how important it is for me to keep my own identity in a relationship. I know that in the past, I have been consumed by the people I love and I have lost a sense of my own self or identity, but today I want to start to create some boundaries around what is me and what is ‘other’.