self portrait and graffiti

Hi there! How ARE you?

My name is Sarah. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I love documenting my adventures in arts and music and culture. I have been very lucky to meet some great people in the two and a bit short years that I have lived in Melbourne, and they have helped me explore so much of what this amazing city has to offer.

I love art galleries, picnics, comedy, theatre, live music, light art (favourite), movies and social life.

My day job is working in web design, development and marketing. I found that career through the sheer will to communicate and share digital media on the web. And the maths (problem solving) suits me.

Any the hoorah has been active since 2007, in some form or another. I love to write. As some of you will understand, I find it easier sometimes to express myself in writing than verbally. Life is a box of chocolates.

If you would like to collaborate or have any other issue or question, please get in touch!